Academic Responsibilities

In order to ensure satisfactory progress, maintain eligibility, and receive continuing support from our staff, student-athletes should adhere to the following expectations:

1. The NCAA and UMass Boston mandates student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits at all times during your season of competition.

2. The NCAA also requires student-athletes pass a minimum of 24 credits per academic year.

3. Student-athletes are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 CUM GPA for eligibility.

4. Aside from absences due to competition, student-athletes are expected to attend ALL CLASSES

5. Student-athletes are expected to make appropriate arrangements with instructors to make up missed tests and other assignments due to athletic travel.

6. Student-athletes are expected to contact the Counselor in Student-Athlete Support Services and keep them informed of any current or upcoming academic concerns

7. Student-athletes are expected to seek out their Professors for extra help when necessary

8. Student-Athlete Support Services offers subject and skill tutoring through Academic Support Services.

9. If assigned to Study Hall, student-athletes are expected to complete all required hours unless excused by SASS staff.

10. If extenuating circumstances put a student-athlete in danger of failing one or more classes, the student-athlete is expected to inform SASS staff immediately.