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Annual Gifts

The Beacon Athletic Fund
The Beacon Athletic Fund was established in 2013 as a way for alumni and supporters to give back to UMass Boston Athletics.  Annual Gifts to the Beacon Athletic Fund are used to supplement the overall operating budget of the Division of Athletics and Recreation.  “Unrestricted Gifts” made to the Beacon Athletic Fund are primarily used for travel costs, equipment, uniforms, meals and other expenses for all 18 varsity sports.  “Restricted Gifts” made to individual teams are used specifically for the specified sport.  Unrestricted gifts to the Beacon Athletic Fund are especially valuable because the funds can go where we need it is most needed.

Other Opportunities

Coaching Endowments
Coaching endowments make it possible to offer competitive compensation packages.  The payout from these funds is used to help pay the salaries of coaches and program directors.  This eases the burden on the athletic department's annual operating budget and ensures the longevity of specific programs by providing coaches' salaries in perpetuity.  The ability to offer prospective coaches an endowed position is a powerful recruiting and retention resource.  A coaching endowment is a source of pride and prestige for the coach, and individuals who establish these endowments often develop unique friendships with the recipients and their programs. 

Program Endowments
A program endowment is an endowed fund established to meet a specific programmatic need of a varsity sport in perpetuity.  Program endowments produce a permanent stream of income for a defined purpose and allow the sports they benefit to rely less on annual budgetary support from the Beacon Athletic Fund and the athletic department.  The athletic department aims to establish program endowments for every varsity sport.

UMass Boston Athletics has always made facilities a priority in building its programs and planning for the future.  It takes first-class facilities to produce a first-class athletic program.  In the increasingly competitive world of intercollegiate sports, state-of-the-art facilities are necessary for student-athletes to keep their competitive edge.  Facilities also play a major role in drawing new talent to a program.  Recruiting is significantly more successful when coaches can offer prospective student-athletes first-rate facilities that feature the latest innovations in technology and safety.