Alumni In Action - Quazzi Sadruzzaman '04

Name: Quazzi Sadruzzaman
Sport: Men's Tennis
Graduation Year: 2004

What have you been up to since graduating from UMass Boston?

Since UMass, I earned a master’s degree in finance from Brandeis University and am currently working as an associate at a private equity real estate investment management firm in Boston. We raise capital globally and invest in the U.S. I have been working in the investment management industry for over seven years now.  I have kept up with tennis, playing once ortwice a week. And I am constantly thinking about playing some tournaments, althoughthat hasn’t happened yet.

What did playing tennis at UMass Boston mean to you?

 Tennis has been a metaphor for life. Playing at UMass was great. We all had very busy schedules, as we were all working part time while going to school and playing for the team. It was not easy but definitely helpedus build stronger bonds among other team members. Some of my closest friends arethe guys I played tennis with at UMass.

How did playing tennis better prepare you for your future?

Playing a competitive sport like tennishelped me be more disciplined in life. All thelong practice sessions and the late-night grueling workouts made me stronger. The challenges faced in matches made me tougher on and off the court. They helped me approach difficult situations in life methodically and with a well thought-out strategy.

What is one piece of advice you would give to current and future student-athletes?

Don’t focus on the results of your matches too much. It is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a competitive sport and travel with the team. Most likely you will not get another chance to experience this. Enjoy and be good to your teammates, as these guys may end up being your lifelong friends.  

Looking back at your time at UMass Boston, who was the biggest influence on your life today?

There were so many (professors and coaches)that it would not be fair to just name one.  

You are now a member of both the UMass Boston and Little East Conference Halls of Fame. What do those honors mean to you?

These honors are very special to me. These honors represent hard work, discipline,sacrifices, and most important of all,great memories.