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The privilege of representing UMass Boston Athletics as a student-athlete carries the responsibility of positively representing the character of UMass Boston, as a role model and a leader, both on and off campus. The mission of UMass Boston's student-Athlete Substance Abuse Prevention Program is to define that responsibility and to maintain the integrity of UMass Boston, both academically and athletically, while strengthening our long history of athletic excellence. The drug testing program will:

• Promote the health, safety and welfare of all student-athletes

• Enhance the quality and credibility of the athletics program at UMass Boston

• Promote fair competition;

• Further develop the knowledge of the UMass Boston community on the detrimental effects of banned substances

• Maintain an environment that encourages student-athletes to avoid the use and/or abuse of banned substances, and ensure compliance with NCAA standards.

The current NCAA policy of drug testing at all levels of Division III championships, along with the goal of UMass Boston athletics to compete at the highest level, necessitates the need for institutional drug testing policies to ensure student-athlete preparedness. The Athletic Department is taking a proactive approach to these issues by instituting a program of education, testing and support.

The Athletic Department believes that random drug testing and testing based on reasonable suspicion are appropriate to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our student-athletes.

UMass Boston Drug Testing Policy and Procedure Manual (.pdf)UPDATED as of May 5, 2016

All student-athletes must complete:
UMass Boston Drug Testing Consent Form (.pdf)

Notice! NCAA Medical Exceptions Policy and YOU!

The NCAA is implementing a stricter application of the existing Medical Exceptions policy which will require proof of current prescriptions for every medication an athlete is taking that is a banned substance, as well as, proof of proper diagnostic procedures(particularly for ADHD diagnosis and medications). For more information click the link for Medical Exceptions below.

NCAA Medical Exceptions