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Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Oderra Jones - Bio

Phone: 617-287-7831
Fax: 617-287-7840
Office: Clark Athletic Center Main Office


Pine Street Inn

Founded in 1969, Pine Street Inn serves more than 1,600 homeless individuals daily and nearly 9,000 annually, providing the full spectrum of services to help men and women reach their highest level of independence and get back to a place they can call home.

 The Mission Of Pine Street Inn Is:

• To be a community of respect and hope for each guest it serves;

• To be a resource through which neighbors and friends can help to meet the basic needs of others; and

• To serve as a national leader in the fight to end homelessness.

Mission Statement: The mission of UMass Boston Athletics & Recreation is to encourage all UMass student athletes to discover and nurture the “total person” who enriches the world and brings honor to the university, now and throughout life. We encourage every student-athlete to be a champion in an environment where academic integrity, social responsibility, respect, and competitive excellence are highly valued.

November 5th – M/W Tennis – Beacons Academy

November 8th  – MPDHL Hockey Tournament

November 12th – Lacrosse Pine Street Inn

November 19th – Baseball - Beacons Academy

 Recent Events

Baseball - “The Value of Teamwork” - November 20, 2015 – The UMASS Boston’s Beacons Academy took on a different look this week.  As the thanksgiving holidays approach the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club had a great plan for our baseball team.  Instead of the instruction which is what’s usually done. Our baseball team helped the Blue Hill Club get ready for their annual Thanksgiving Family Fest, by separating food, cutting food, moving and decorating. Our team had a great time as they learned why this event is such a special event for the kids and parents who attend.

Lacrosse - “The Value of Teamwork” - November 20, 2015 - The commitment between the Pine Street Inn and the UMASS Boston Athletics department continued to grow stronger as the UMB Lacrosse team had their opportunity to take part in the Pine Street Inn initiative.  The timing of the lacrosse team visit couldn’t have worked out any better as thanksgiving is around the corner and many more meals are given out around this time. Student Athletes and coaches were a part of the food prep team for the day as they prepared over 800 meals for individuals of the Pine Street Inn and helped with the preparation of the busy thanksgiving holiday.  Student athletes also had the chance to learn about the many services and opportunities the Pine Street Inn provides to it’s residents.

M/W Tennis - “The Value of Teamwork” – November 5, 2015 – The UMB M/W Tennis team took part in session three of the UMASS Boston Beacons Academy on November 5th. Children from both the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club and the Walter Denney Youth Center learned the fundamentals of tennis and the many opportunities that tennis has provided for our student athletes at UMASS Boston. Some of the focus centered on endurance, how to properly hold the racket, point system and the fun of tennis.  We loved the opportunity to continue teaching through athletics. 



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